Sunday, September 13, 2009

TV - "less"

A couple days ago I was reading Christie's blog about going without cable. It really inspired me - again. Bob and I have been talking about it for a while, but since our TV is a dinosaur, we decided to wait until we could get a new one so we could a least watch local news and some of our fall favs.

Well, yesterday Bob got up before me (as almost always is the case - tee hee). He came into the bedroom, woke me up, and said - "the TV is dead". All I could do was smile (don't think this made him happy). We didn't suffer so much yesterday because we were all busy - Bob working on someones car and Ben and I, on the deck (another story in itself).

Last night was the challenge. You know its bad (here anyway) when ALL go to WM to shop!
Had a late dinner - and watched Bob watch the back of his eyelids! Thank goodness Ben and I can find things to do on the computer!

But the real question is - when will we grace our home with a new TV, (before "LOST" comes on, I'm sure), and where will we put the "lovely" thing when we do get it? Hmmm. . .

And . . . . . why does such a luxury cost a king's ransom - not to mention the cable bill - which is what sparked our whole conversation about going "cable-less" in the first place. I was glad to see that we weren't the only ones with that motive when I read Christie's blog.

So - for the time being - we are not only cable-less, but TV-less, as well. And that means no DVD's either ! ! !


  1. Its rough! But we can do it! Onward Christian Soldier!! I am just wondering if we will make it through college football season :)

  2. Im not sure if the tv dying was really worthy of bob waking you up. Its not like it was a human or anything. Although I know sometimes its the only "conversation" that is got during the course of a day. HA HA HA I'm surprised Helena didn't ask if there was tv heaven! LOL LOL LOL


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