Friday, September 25, 2009

My Lemon Tree - Again

It seems life never lets me settle for more than just a moment at a time. Just when I start to feel the least bit comfortable in my "world" - life - very rudely - throws lemons at me. Now, I am not generally squeamish when it comes to getting bombarded by lemons, but sometimes - just once in a while, I would like to get to that calm place and sit for more than just 5 minutes. (Not literally, of course). By nature, I love being home - fussing over the things that make my home wonderful to me and mine. But lately - because of the lemon trees - it seems that not only my life but my nest is ruffled. It almost makes me wonder if Home is where I need to be right now. I don't want to share the reason for this last lemon storm, not right now anyway.
But, I must say, in my heart of hearts, I know God allows me this "pleasure" of being bombarded. It's just that sometimes I'm not sure how to make lemonade of the mess. That's where I am now. Before - I had a goal but my recipe for lemonade was shot down. Right now - I'm more in a quandary of sorts. Do I go back to the original goal I had? Do I look for a different "recipe"? I'm not exactly sure of where to start.
I am sure of one thing, though, and that is even when this storm passes - and it will - there will be more. So I suppose I have answered my own questions - I know I am being forged. I know God is teaching me something. I just have to be quiet long enough to listen to what He says!
And that is ok. I have grown accustomed to these raging storms. (Not comfortable, but accustomed to). So, Barb, just be still and listen!

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  1. Well, thought I had left a comment here yesterday..hmm? Anyway, Barb, my heart & prayers go out to you during this lemon throwing season. God must have some dandy plans for this tree you are growing, it seems. He is the Master Gardener & knows what is best for each of us... This whole living by faith thing sure isn't easy , huh? One day at a time Sweet Jesus--that's all that I ask........


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