Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've Been Replaced :(

School is in full swing for all. Helena - our little tomboy princess started kindergarten this year :(
She was VERY eager (not so much for mom and me). She loves it. (how quickly I was replaced -sob!) Today we were 5 minutes from leaving to go meet the bus. She is in the kitchen and calls out to me. As I turn around I see her hurling all over the kitchen floor (not a good thing). I run grab the garbage can for her and as she is throwing up, she is crying because she CAN'T go to school! ! She was not a happy camper that she had to miss school. She was, in fact, quite contrary about it.
And all summer I fretted about her missing me - so much for loyalty - LOL ! ! !


  1. No one can replace a loving grandmother!!!

  2. Ms. Barb do you have an email address you could send me. I need help with part of xmas present for Jen. I can't say on here b/c she might see. My email address is carrie.emery@gmail.com would you be able to email me there yours. Thanks, Carrie


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