Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Princess Tomboy

This post is mostly for Christie. After reading her post about Graham and his little lady friends and shiny knives, I thought it might be good to enlighten her on the lives of Princess Tomboys.
As you can see, Helena fits the bill as far as a Princess goes (as do all little girls - some more obvious than others), but she also wears many other "crowns" and wears them well!
  • She is a casual princess
  • She is an eco-friendly kinda gal - she makes her own "make-up" (note the exquisite eyebrows)
  • She can spackle and patch walls - with supervision of course
  • She can "cook"
  • She is "outdoorsy" and not afraid of the cold
  • She loves "changing her appearance" - princess to tigress
  • She will and does chase toads - even if they are in deep holes
  • She likes swimming and tries new things - such as "snorkeling"
  • She can wield a hammer with the best of them
  • She is an educated Princess

And although I didn't picture these -

  • She loves her babies
  • She is technology savvy - learning her way around the computer
  • Has a sweet voice and loves to sing
  • And. . . . sometimes - wise beyond her years

She will make some handsome Prince - hint, hint - ;) a wonderful Princess someday - not that I believe in arranged marriages or anything - (that's what you think - lol! ! ).

So, Christie - you do well to supervise the doings of little girls - but don't let their cute little faces fool you for one minute! Most of them can and do hold their own! ! !

Hope this enlightens you a bit :). After all, that's what friends are for !!

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  1. Those pictures are adorable! I do feel enlightened! And, I can give Graham a heads up on his future wife's skills...I think she is pretty amazing! This marriage is gonna be great!

    Oh, and the lemon post...I am praying, my friend. Isn't wonderful that God knows all and we can pray without ceasing. I hope that smoother waters come soon :)


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