Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

"Good morning "sunshine", the earth says hello
You "shine" above us, we "shine" below

Good morning "sunshine", you lead us along
My "girls" and me, as we sing
Our early mornin' singin' song. . . ."

I changed some words in this little ditty to make it fit the occasion. It was so nice walking to the bus stop this morning, not having to fight the wind and upside down, inside out umbrellas, torrential rain blowing sideways and just a chill that went deep! Not to mention how much happier it made the girls (who were the ones with the umbrella problems)! I'm sure we were the neighborhood attraction! Whew, what a week last week! ! ! It was a 5 day ordeal that tests the best of spirits :).

So . . . . . Good Morning, Sunshine! ! ! !

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