Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Turkey Eve"

Well, tomorrow is the big "turkey day". I have my turkey breast in the crock pot and ready to roll, my pumpkin bake and green bean casserole are mixed and will be ready to pop into the oven tomorrow, and my sweet potato biscuits are done! (Rease and Helena used cookie cutters in the shapes of turkeys, pumpkins and fall leaves to cut the biscuits out for me!) So, not much left to do tomorrow but the potatoes, gravy and rolls. (double the bread, double the fun!). Since the numbers are down for dinner at my house I am only baking (crock potting) a breast. That means no giblets for stuffing -but that doesn't bother the gang - they don't care for homemade stuffing anyway. They would just as soon eat stove top - what a disgrace to Thanksgiving!

Speaking of stuffing - it reminds me of the platter that my mom used to bake her stuffing on at Thanksgiving. She gave it to me when I first got married. I don't use it -it is so old. I think it may have even been my grandmother's. I guess that's why I get bummed when no one wants homemade stuffing ;(. It's like slamming the door on tradition. And since my kids don't like homemade stuffing, wonder who will inherit my treasure? ? ?

At any rate, it feels good to have a jump start on dinner for tomorrow, especially since my dish washer has run a-muck! Wonder if they have those on special on "Black Friday"? Hmmm. . .
So . . . enjoy your day - may it be filled with love, laughter and laziness! ! ! !

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