Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I follow a blog by Marybeth Whalen - Cheaper by the Half Dozen. Yesterday she blogged about gratitude and how it was easier to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. As she was sharing this with her friend, she threw out a challenge - to list all the positives they had at the end of each day, from then until Thanksgiving.

I thought it would be nice to list the things I was grateful for at the end of the day, thru Thanksgiving as well. I will combine this past week's treasures into one day (it will be Friday's post) and update each day thru Thanksgiving as the week progresses. I will just add to this particular post - most current on top :). Won't you join me in searching for your thankful daily moments?

Wednesday - 25th
I am thankful for getting a huge jumpstart on dinner for tomorrow and for a good day today with the girls. They helped with biscuits and we made "glitter" ornaments. Even with the business it was a peaceful, relaxing day :).

Sunday - 22nd:
I am just thankful it's Sunday. The message this AM was great. The day was great. I love not having to be on such a tight ship sometimes. Eat when I want, sleep if I want, watch TV all day if it suits me. The best part is not feeling guilty about it. There is a reason God chose this day to rest! :) Oh - almost forgot - got free coffee and sweet potatoes today, too! ! !

Saturday - 21st - oops, forgot to write :(

Friday - 20th, I am thankful for:
1. an employed husband
2. a son that is crafty not only with his hands, but his mind - he's built our deck, repaired broken chairs, and is currently putting together plans for my kitchen :)
3. healthy family and friends
4. the ability to use the things around me to improve the appearance of my home - repainting and recovering the repaired chairs, and making valances
5. finding the fabric deal of the day so I can do the above - 4.75 yd of upholstery/drapery fabric for 2.99/yd! ! ! !
6. friends that take time to have dinner and shop with me :) :)
7. fabulous coupons so I can shop with friend


  1. Great list! Can't wait to read more. I have been posting what I am thankful for each day over on facebook...wanna try facebooking too?

  2. you seem to be missing two elements


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