Saturday, November 14, 2009

Victuals and Tidbits

I feel the need to share one of my favorite "meals". My grandmother used to make it when I was a little girl. My mom made it and now I make it. I'm pretty sure Granny created it and my sister, Donna, and I opted not to share it with anyone. Well, back in the 80's Campbell Soup had a recipe contest, and lo and behold - there it was - bold as could be - right on the back of the soup label! Go figure! That'll learn us! ! I know Granny didn't get it from there because I was already married and had been eating this "dish" for at least 20 years. Granny called it "hamburger goulash". I can't remember what the thieves, I mean Campbell soup, called it! Now, don't panic when you see the ingredients. I'm sure there must be a gazillion recipes for "goulash" and depending on where you're from - well, it could have almost anything in it! So, if you're willing to try it, I'm willing to share it! (This is the "victuals" part of my post.)

Hamburger Goulash
1 lb ground beef - browned and drained (you may add onions if you like)
1 can vegetable soup - ABC kind - no beef - undiluted
1 T or so of ketchup
1 t or so of mustard

Stir all ingredients together and simmer til hot

Viola - easy peasy - that's it! !

Serves 4
I serve my "goulash" on buns with chips and sliced green peppers

You may want to play around with the ketchup and mustard - start light and work your way to suit your taste :) I just squirt - but for those of you who need measurements - this might work :)

Now for the "tidbits" part:
I buy ground beef in bulk and brown all of it at once. I add onions while browning. Drain the beef (and rinse if you want to trim some fat). Divide among freezer bags (what you would use in a recipe - a cooked pound or so) and freeze. To use: remove from baggie and place in a small bowl and cover with paper towel. Microwave 2-3 minutes. You just want beef to break apart - and add to recipe calling for cooked ground beef. I discovered this trick quite by accident many years ago and wouldn't you know it - we now have "crumbles" on the market (much pricier than doing it yourself)! A girl can't win - LOL ! ! !

Well, that's my Victuals and Tidbits for the day.
Stay tuned for upcoming episodes :) ! ! !


  1. Your right, there are a million and one different recipes for goulash as there is for chili. Can you people people here put spagetti noodles in their chili?? Gross. Until I tried it. Ms. Patt from work made it for dinner and brought me a bowl. It was very good, noodles and all. And we all know how very much I love spagetti noodles. (YUCK)
    Anyway, back to the goulash. I havent made that for my gang here in six forevers. But guess what were going to have for dinner next week?? Thats right, hamburger goulash! Thanks for the reminder. And I'm so glad I havent seen that "crumbles" yet. I've been browning and freezing groundbeef for as long as I can remember. Someone always steals our inventions. . . thats a whole other story.
    Love you mom,
    thanks for the dinner suggestion.

  2. Wow I should have just made a blog about that.

  3. I am guessing goulash is in my near future too.. it's funny i was just thinking how i have not had that mom are you making it in the cast iron pan? you better.... I saw the burger crumbles at Sam's and stood there with my jaw on the ground for a solid hour.. how dare they steal our short cuts...


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