Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Legalism VS Love

God really knows me - He knows I need to hear or see things more than once in order for them to "stick" in my head! (What does that tell you about me?). Well - at any rate - I have heard or seen the same "message" twice now in less than a week. I think I'm suppose to learn something here. So . . . . here goes:

1. Last week I was listening to a message on the radio about being "legalistic". Taking everything God says to the letter and not leaving a bit of wiggle room for being "human". Ouch.
2. Today's verse on my sidebar: 2 Corn. 3:6 Ouch, again.

My goal should be one of showing God's love and not judging to the inth degree things that people do wrong. I know before I was saved I took people for who they were - no more, no less. They were who they were. But it seemed after I got saved, I went so far to the other side I made not only myself miserable, but those closest to me as well. I was more worried about what others would say than what God had to say about the matter. It's been hard (and sometimes still is) to jump off the "judgemental band wagon" and look at the whole picture and leave the scrutiny up to God, to let go of things I can't control or have no business trying to fix. I don't like the person I was (and still am at times), but with God's guidance and perseverance, I aim to relearn the "acceptance" rule in life again. Love without judgement is truly unconditional love, and isn't that what God shows us? It doesn't mean He doesn't punish us when we need it, but He loves us regardless.
I love my family and my friends and pray that if you are or have been in the "wake of my judgement" that you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.
It is a humble place to be - at the mercy of God and loved ones, but a place that I cherish because I know that it is there that love and acceptance is found.

I don't deserve God's grace, but I sure am glad He's given it to me!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart. This is one of the things I am learning too. God wants us to focus on our relationship with Him and not be sidelined by other distractions. Keep writing and blessing us with your words.


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