Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Raining Outside, but. . . .

For some reason I am in terribly high spirits this morning. I know it's raining outside, its "dreary looking", but it's not cold. The leaves are blowing in the wind the sound of the steady rainfall is comforting. The colors of the trees are so beautiful. It seems that the rain just makes them shinier and more vibrant. We are in that middle area of fall where some trees are bare and some have a few leaves and then there are those few trees that are hanging on for dear life to their leaves, as if to say - "I am here for the duration and I will not give up without a fight!".
I like the sight of the rain hitting the deck or road a making those little "johnny jump-ups", as we used to call them. It is a visual comfort to me.

I know there are scientific explanations for all weather and seasonal changes, but I prefer to, and do, find it amazing that God has created all the details - down to the smallest snowflake, the changing colors, the hues in the sky, the shapes of the clouds, the variance of color of the sunrise and sunset of each season, the smells, the sound of the wind, rain and storms, and how much we anticipate each changing season only to realize that it has effortlessly glided into our lives without all the drama that we envision. Its hard to wrap my head around all of it. I can't even seem to color co-ordinated paper sometimes, but God has the whole universe co-ordinated. Not just in color, but in sight, smell, sound and texture. How awesome is that?

I understand only too well, the daydreamers of life! How can you look outside and not daydream? It's like reading a never ending novel. You can't put it down for fear of what happens next!

It is the most simple, complex thing around me and I truly love it! !

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  1. Johnny Jump-Ups!!!!! Probably one of my favorite memories of being a kid. You know, not all puddles make them they have to be just the right size, not too deep not too shallow too wide and they just make a splash too small and just a ripple but when they are that perfect size that is when the magic happens. . Just like my mom she is just perfect for me not too hasty not too quick to teach and always knows when to swoop her arms out to catch you when you are falling. hopefully one day i will see all of the magic she has made in me, in my children.. I love you mom...


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