Thursday, December 17, 2009

An "Ah Ha", "Hmmm . . ." Moment

Most times I feel like my family resembles the character "Pig Pen" in Charlie Brown. Everywhere they move something falls from them and that's where it stays! It could be shoes, clothes, toys, mail. . . .you get the picture. I've often wondered, knowing this, how it is then, that when you go to their home(s), everything is in its place? ? ? It was as I was pondering this thought this morning picking up the "items" in question that I had an "ah ha" moment. Could it be that when you are "home", that is where you let "things" fall? You don't feel the stress of keeping up after every little item because "MOM" is there? ? This could also be my "Hmm. . . moment"? The fine line is trying to create my space without eliminating theirs, and understanding that: "this to shall pass". :)


  1. Why do i feel the need to take this one personally? Save those boxes Mom we will have enough in no time. . i just got some high quality foam peanuts at work today!!!! these ones are keepers!!! lol .

  2. Oh - don't take ALL the credit - you do have accomplices - nice thing is - ya'll are my "Pig Pens"! ! :)


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