Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Okay, So I Dropped the Ball!

I have been informed by my TWO daughters that I didn't quite complete my task of giving simple thanks each day before Thanksgiving! :(
I guess that's what happens when you put yourself out there for the world to see! ! !
I was actually thankful for something every day. It's just that by day's end I was so tired I forgot to blog and then - well things fell into the "gray" area of my brain - lol ! (aka- dropping the ball??) I have written them a note to explain myself:

Dear Sweet Children of Mine,
I have come to realize that my life is like one of those movie scenes - I'm being catapulted thru the journey of life. There is a door or hole I must go thru to reach my destination, but quite surprised by the whirly, twirly way I get to the bottom when I step or fall inside! The ride down and around is - should I say - hair raising, gut wrenching and sometimes makes me want to expel a blood curdling scream - be it out of fear or shear adrenaline. But I know I must do it - go thru that door. In my haste and excitement I sometimes forget that it is my ride and drag you, my unsuspecting family, along with me - I mean after all, you are part of the "Plot", the "bigger picture"! And as you can guess, I get sidetracked and forget some things because there are many doors to enter and it seems so little time to do it. Such is my "ride" in life! ! So. . . . . family of mine - "For your safety, buckle up and stay seated until the ride stops. Keep all objects and body parts inside the ride at all times. Enjoy your visit and come back again soon!"

PS - in case you don't know it by now - you guys are my world!

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