Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back . . . .

This last year has been a whirl wind of sorts, although not as bad as years past. As I look back over this past year I can see where the Hand of God has protected and guided. I think it is a good thing to reflect over the past. It lends way to a wealth of knowledge for the future. So here is a look back at this "year gone by" of mine:
  • We had a young lady exercise her "wings" this past year - breaking many hearts and causing a lot of shed tears along the way. She has since settled quite a bit and is coming along. It is rewarding to see the change in her and to watch her mom fight relentlessly for her daughter - with or without her daughter's co-operation. Thank you to those that have prayed for this situation. And just like us - this young lady is "still in the Potter's Hands!", the work unfinished. I believe God truly walks beside this girl!
  • We have had many job changes this past year. I am not one for so much upheaval - but God has there again, provided for us. We may have fallen behind in some things, done without some "things", but priorities have surfaced! It's amazing when you realize what is important and what you can live without and how liberating it can be to not succumb to "gadgets" and "fluff".
  • I started blogging this year. It has been an amazing outlet for me. I am able to share my joys, blessings and daily happenings. And although I don't share my inner most secrets, I can unload some burdens and daily junk! Most of the time I resolve whatever it is that's bothering me just by "venting" it out! I also have two amazing prayer warriors - my "Aaron & Hur". They have been a wonderful support system for me. And I thank God for them. Everyone needs that kind of support. If you don't have it - look for it. It takes time and effort and you have to be "picky". But that's okay. The hard work will pay off! Thank you Heidi and Diane - from the bottom of my heart! ! !
  • I also had the privilege this year to "proof read" a short story for a friend. What fun that was for me since I truly love to read. The best part was the fact the story was based on real life experience. It was entered in a short story contest. I will keep you posted on the outcome! !
  • In June - we had 3 high school graduates in our family - my grandson, Christian, my niece, Catie, and my nephew, Seth. That was a first. I went to the first "Walton Family Reunion" this spring. Great to reconnect with family members of my youth. And. . . Ben started our deck. (You learn quickly how to work as a team - or maybe just "hold that board".)
  • In July - Rease broke her arm - also a first, I think for our family - broken bones. We got to witness a "marvel of medicine", so to speak - a waterproof cast! PTL ! !
  • Dan (my second oldest nephew) asked Carrie to marry him in August, or at least that's when I became aware of it.
  • In Sept. the youngest of our clan - Helena - started Kindergarten. We also found out we were having another addition to our family! Kelly is expecting in June of 2010.
  • October - hmmm. . . . jury privileges for me ~~
  • This December - Matt - my oldest nephew became engaged to Amanda. I also started face book this last day of 2009. I am just at the doorway - inching my way around, so if any of you have face book accounts and you see me there and it looks like I'm ignoring you, I'm not. I'm just not sure what I am doing yet ~ ~ ~

It has been a short long year. Many changes, both good and not so good - but it is life and it rolls on with or without our blessing! So here's to a new year with new and continuous challenges. May we confidently seek wisdom and guidance in meeting them head on.

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  1. I was wondering if I am Aaron or Hur?? Not that it really matters... LOL As always, your entries keep me coming back to read more....There's just something spellbinding (?) about your writing?? TFS...Love you Barb.


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