Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Helena had a major meltdown this morning. She had it in her mind - she just couldn't go to school. It was too long. Someone there was mean to her (as is always the case when one has no other reason to stay home). She came to me and said mommy said she could stay home if it was okay with me - hmmmm. . She even tried pulling Rease into her scheme by urging her to ask her mommy if she could stay home too. I sent Helena back to her mommy and said the call was hers. Well in a plethora of tears she confessed mommy wouldn't let her stay home. But I could see the wheels turning:
"Mom-mom, when mommy goes to work you can let me stay." (sticky place, sticky place)
Being the "good" Mom-mom that I am - I said "no". :(
So the last 10 minutes of the morning were spent listening to her pleas. And when they didn't work, she succombed to putting on winter gear and book bag and headed to the bus stop with Rease and I.
She was, thankfully, smiling when she got on the bus and all signs of trauma were gone. (I think the snow flurries helped a bit!)

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