Saturday, January 23, 2010

MY Poetry


Winter looks down
Thru skies dark and drear
Hindering us from feeling
Spring is so near.

He mocks as we scurry
In a haste to escape
The cold blasts of air
That slaps at our face.

He snickers as we slide
On the ice he's laid down
As we struggle to balance
Lest we might hit the ground.

He chides as we fight
With wind driven rain
Our umbrellas twisting and bending
As if playing a game.

But he pouts as a child
Who can't get his way
When Spring overtakes him
And sends him away!



  1. Did you really write this poem @ 5:30 AM??? Wow!! My brain doesn't come up with creative lines before my 1st cup of coffee..Hats off to you for your thoughts Barb..

  2. Barb, i read this poem just before we were leaving on our walk and I loved it so much I told Heath he needed to come read it. He is a man of very few words but he said, "Man, she is really good!" Boy is he right! I love it! :)


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