Monday, January 18, 2010

"Ode to my Electrolux"!

Although I'm not writing this in a poetic form - my vac is deserving of being remembered!
She went to the great appliance place in the sky on January 15, 2010. She will be sadly missed.
She served me well for over 35 years! Not a complaint to be heard!
She wasn't a prissy upright, just a lowly canister (which worked to her advantage quite often).
She gladly chased the dust bunnies, the hair balls, the muddy prints left by those who "didn't do it!", the cob webs and anything else that came along in the line of duty.
She was a mischievous lady and lived to suck up such things as: Barbie shoes, hair ribbons and rubber bands, pennies, marbles, paper clips or anything tiny someone would unwittingly leave lying around!
The kids would love to trail along behind her and let her powerful exhaust blow their hair all over the place or just in their faces! We even used that expelled air to blow up our air mattresses - such a friend.
She would tease animals by sucking on their fur or their tail - never would she have thought about harming them. Figured she could give them a good grooming!
She wasn't prejudice. She would vacuum the car as compliantly as she would vacuum the house. She didn't mind being drug outside or up and down the stairs. It was, after all, her job.
She lived thru several hose changes. We did have to replace her cord rewind - it just gave out on her - causing her to be two different shades of blue but she was okay with that. We opted to give her a "hand" by winding the cord ourselves for her. Less stress as she was aging. As we purchased replacement bags for her the sales people urged us to upgrade to a more efficient model. The nerve - no "modern day marvel" is going to give me the service this ole gal does! We'll take our chances, thank you.
But the inevitable came this past Friday. She was moving along until she became unplugged. When I plugged her in, she wouldn't start. (she had been a little hesitant a couple times during the week) When the great mechanic came home for lunch I figured all would be well. He "opened her up", jiggled her switch and said: "That's all I can do. Hopefully she will last for a while." So after Dr. Scratch went back to work I started her up. True to her devotion to me, she started. But she didn't last long. I had to let her go :(
I don't believe I was nearly as devastated when the dishwasher left this world as I am over my "Little Lady".


  1. What a charming little "ode" to your sentimental sweeper... Can't say I ever got quite that attached to any of my appliances...but other items may have held a prominent position.... Thanks for sharing Barb.

  2. Try finding a replacement now a days that will last 35 years. I have my mom's old electrolux and she is still doing just fine. Sorry for your loss.

  3. i do understand my mom's deep grief, however have you ever been run over a 35 year old electrolux? Not to mention the countless lectures about running into the corners of the door ways with that blue beastly body it had.. oh so bitter sweet...


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