Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My 2010 "Goals"

I didn't make "resolutions" this year. No need to. Won't keep them anyway. But, I do want to make goals for myself. Small goals can lead to big results if done properly :) (I think)
  • start eating right - more fruits and vegies, less red meat, try to limit myself to 2-3 cups of coffee daily,drink lots more water and exercise and start walking again - won't give up dark chocolate, though (that would send me over the edge)
  • finish scrapbooking the things I have in progress and organize my supplies so I know what I actually have - I would truly like to have a designated area for this stuff since the girls are big scrapbookers and "card" makers
  • Sarah wants to make a quilt when she comes back for summer vacation - this means I need to organize all my sewing supplies and make sure my machine is in good running condition. I also need to finish some sewing projects that are in the "works".
  • paint the "pink" bedroom, sun room, bathroom and kitchen - hmmm - Ben wants to "rework" my kitchen - we'll see
  • clean out all closets and discard or donate items I haven't used or seen in years!
  • and most importantly - start and end my day in conversation with God.

It's a short list with big projects that mean lots of time and effort but will be well worth the results. I figure if I do a little here and a little there and don't "have too many sticks in the fire" at once, I should be able to "get 'er done!".

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