Monday, July 20, 2009

Friendship - As I See It

I must say - Christie's blog really spoke to me. Having things "bottle-neck" in your brain is not much fun, especially when it feels like hundreds of ideas are roaming around.

Friendship has really been weighing heavy on my mind lately. I know how I feel, but all those feelings are "bottle-necked" in my brain - just trying to get out.

One of my favorite quotes is on my side bar. Simply stated - friendship is risky business. It's not an easy task sitting quietly while your friends' hearts are breaking. You just want to get in there and take care of the problem, fix what's broken, hurt the ones who hurt them. Bad thing is. . . .you can't always "fix" the problem, and it's not our place to take matters into our own hands on their behalf. Good thing is. . . . you can pray for them, listen to them, be there for them and most importantly, love them.

I know I have "dumped" a grand load on my dear friends. They may at times have thought I had lost my mind, but they didn't say that. They probably thought at times I was a little on the loopy side, but they didn't say that, either. What they did say was: "I'll pray for you." And, you know, I knew they would, without a doubt. And knowing that, was more comforting than "fixing" me. Only God can mend our brokeness - Amen on that, because I'm not sure others would benefit from my mending skills! LOL. We just have to tie our burdens to His "stitching post".

On the cheery side, I feel like I could burst when I read "happy thoughts", hear good news, or am able to share a quiet scramping day/evening with my friends.

As I see it, friends are in your heart by choice. They stand there amongst the goop of life and cheer you on. They don't mind getting slimy on occasion, and even help you clean the slime off yourself.I praise God for those soldiers I call friends, because without them - I would be a TOTAL mess - no pun intended.

My particular core of friends range from "young" new moms, seasoned moms, moms in the thick of it all, moms that are grand-moms and sisters :) ! ! What a library of info and wisdom I have at my beck and call! How could one ask for much more?

I know I am speaking specifically of women, and I know there are men out there that make wonderful friends - but the depth of the emotion and the strength of the bond among women is like the depth of the universe and the strength of iron. Its just the way we're made :) and I like it like that! !

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  1. Barb,,I really like what you have blogged these last 2 weeks..but especially today's entry...Without the Lord, life would be unbearable, but having friends here on Earth that can offer a hug, share a burden, pray for, care for..etc..I consider you to be a dear friend.. My heart is heavy right now...SO MUCH to sort through...Dealing with my parents was & is still a burden...THen also the FBC situation is an additional burden... I know the Lord will see me/us through them all & victoriously.. But for now. wading through the details takes time in God's Word & much prayer. My Bob went to the meeting last night at church. We had driven 10 hours & frankly I wasn't up to that hassle..I won't go any further, but you know my heart...Thanks for sharing your thoughts on friendship. I'm going back to read them again... Keep in touch..


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