Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's a Wonderful World

I haven't posted in a while. For those of you who don't know, it's because I have a house full of "little ladies"! ! Can't hardly find time to sneeze, let alone get on my blog. But that's okay for now. By the time I get some kind of routine going, they will be gone and back in school. Whew - goes too fast!
So. . . . I will try to steal a moment here and there to let ya'll know what's going on in my world.
It is, by the way, a wonderful world. Sound like a movie, don't I? ? ?
You wouldn't believe how much "wonder" 6 girls can bring to the table !!
But - the cool thing about these girls - is they love to learn new things - girly things - and I love to teach them (we have to wade thru the cattiness, moodiness & craziness first! ! ).
Well. . . .
Catch you on the flip side! ! !

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  1. I hardly remember what girly time is like, wrapped in a world of bugs, trains, and nerf guns but it sounds great! Tell Helena I gave Graham a great big smooch from her :) I think he will like it better in a couple of years!!!


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