Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holes - N - Boards

Now, I know this sounds like a "game"of sorts and perhaps it is for those that may have been watching ( praise the Lord, He was the only one that saw me), but. . . someone forgot to tell me the rules! ! ! ! Watch out for the holes! !

As I look back, I can see I was cheap entertainment for my loving family! No pity here, no sir.

The chain of events went something like below - this is my original prayer request to Heidi.

1. Just a small prayer request - no laughing allowed until AFTER you pray! ! !
2. Ben is building me a deck. He won't use pressure treated lumber. He has already dug the holes for the posts to sit in.
3. He has already put the "frame" in the holes.
4. Since he won't use pressure treated lumber, I felt the need to waterproof the frame.
5. I am walking around, (I did remind myself about the holes), minding my own business, brushing on the sealant, when it happened. (Actually, I wasn't minding my own business - I was aggressively arguing with Ben in my mind!)
6. I stepped into (no, I plummeted into) a hole, hit the frame with my side, and in my horror and instinct, grabbed the plank I was brushing and pulled it down on my leg. Not just your run of the mill plank, mind you, but a 2"x10"x8' plank.
7. Needless to say - thought I was gonna puke, couldn't move, found it funny, and had a good laugh with Ben - who - started the whole thing by not putting down pressure treated lumber in the first place.
8. Now, here I sit with ice on my leg (really hurts)- my side's not hurting as much, spilling my guts (no pun intended) to you.
9. Now, pray
10. Now , laugh! ! ! !
PS - do think I will call doc - swelling on leg size of dessert plate

That'll learn me to think ill thoughts of my kids, even if I "know" I'm right ! ! LOL, LOL

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  1. Barb!!! I am not laughing. I am praying! You better get some extra special treatment from that boy of yours(who apart from not using pressure treated lumber is a really great guy...I still remember the Rita's he brought to the office for us...thats tops in my books)but still, he better be takin' care of his Mama ;) Seriously, I hope you feel better soon!


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