Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walton Family Reunion

This is our first Walton Family Reunion, that I am aware of. Not many descendants of my dad's siblings, but it was nice to meet up with cousins I haven't seen in over 30 years! And to meet their children. Too many names to remember on first visit!
I was thinking about families. We love our own little core group. We probably do just fine in that comfort zone. But. . . I realize there is something comfortable about knowing family beyond our immediate clan. Jenny says its like a sense of security. I agree. We may not always be around our cousins or aunts and uncles, or even our grandparents, but there is something to be said about knowing you can if you want. That is a good feeling. We do share a lot of similar genes - and that makes me smile - actually, chuckle. "Walton Women", as most of the menfolk in my family call my sisters and me, can be slow getting out the door. Try as we might, we don't usually get somewhere right on time. We try hard though, but if it weren't for the menfolk in our lives, we might not make it at all! LOL! ! I really need to work on that. Can't promise it will get better, but, I WILL try!

PS - We can be a little hard headed, too! ! !

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  1. Happy Birthday Barb!! Hope its a day as special as you are.


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