Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Blogging

I've come to realize how much I enjoy blogging. I mean, really enjoy it. It is almost an obsession with me. I am surprised at how attached I've actually become to "writing".

When Christie first asked me to try it, I thought, "Yea, right". I had no clue what she was talking about and the whole blog thing sounded like something too tech savvy for the likes of me. Then I visited her blog. I must say it took me some time to muster up the nerve to do it, but once my "toes hit the water", it had me - hook, line and sinker. I haven't looked back since, nor have I regretted starting a blog - well, two blogs now.

It will be two years this March since I began my journey down Bloggy Lane. I have learned a few things about myself. Blogging is my written therapy. Blogging makes me think. Blogging keeps me real.

I've learned to share things that are on my heart openly and in third person so as not to hurt someone else or make them feel uncomfortable. After all, my blog is - me. But it allows me an extra way to vent, lest my Aaron and Hur get bored of me!

I have realized, that, although folks may like to read my blog(s) they may not like to write. At first this was a little hard for me to understand. But as I blogged along I came to accept that because that is just the way it is. I just remember that I have tried things that others have a passion for just because they have that passion, but it quickly fell to the wayside for me. So, all you non-bloggies out there - I get it. Sorta. :)

I became brave enough to put some of my poetry to "pen" for you to read. I have loved poetry forever. Reading it, writing it, singing it. It feels as if it is embedded in my soul. Sometimes my poems come in the middle of the night, sometimes when I am showering, doing dishes, or driving along. I never know when a poem is going to manifest itself! It's like waiting for a surprise. I give credit to blog land for that. Otherwise, they would be tucked into a tablet somewhere - not that that is a bad thing.

Well, enough about one of my favorite past times.

Thanks for dropping by -
Catch you on the flip side!


  1. It has me hook, line and sinker also. I agree! It is therapy. I look forward to it. Keep the poems and blogs coming. I love you!!


  2. Please know that I read your blog, faithfully, but don't comment as often as I read. I love that you are using this gift to share your heart and soul and glimpses into your life. Putting yourself out there can be tough, so kudos my dear friend for doing it.

  3. As a fellow blog addict, I can only say that I know what you mean my friend. I know what you mean. I am always so amazed that other non-bloggers out there see it as just another "chore." I have had a hard time accepting that some of my beloved friends and family aren't into it and I am comping to accept it slooowly :) But, for those of us in "the know" *wink* it is truly a gift!


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