Monday, October 4, 2010


I hardly think of myself as one who inspires. Every day I entertain one emotion or another. I don't usually stop to think about my impact on others. (It's usually just me and myself here!). So, I need to be more mindful that my struggles - even the worse ones - are handled in such a way as to give credit where credit is due. And that a positive reaction is always inserted, somewhere! God ultimately leads me along the way - and the things I write are given much consideration as to how they reflect on me, the ones I write about, and Him, but they are things on my heart. It's hard for me not to be brutally honest sometimes. I have a difficult time hiding my emotions and those very emotions do get me into trouble on occasion! But sometimes, just sometimes, there is a pleasant surprise!

My niece, Bekah, emailed me last night to tell me that I inspired her to start a blog. (Bekah's Babbles) I can't tell you the span of emotion I felt when I read that note. My initial reaction was "yeah, a new bloggie!", but when the reality of her words set in, I was humbled, touched, if you will.

To inspire someone is quite an honor I think - to cause them to try or do something they may not otherwise try or do. And that thought alone is - scary. It conveys trust. Trust that they can muster up the ability to do something that may intimidate them, and succeed at it. And that is what is motivational and scary for the "inspirer".

Thank you Bekah for allowing me to be an inspiration to you!
I love you, Little Lady. You are going to make a wonderful bloggie!


  1. Barb, you inspire me daily and I am not just whistlin' Dixie! You point me upwards, remind me of His presence, delight and encourage me. You are a true gift. An inspirational blessing! Love you!

  2. You are more to people than you give yourself credit for. I Love you and I can't wait to put my thoughts and feelings down to share with everyone. XO XO XO


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