Sunday, October 17, 2010

He loves her.

I hate when I don't go to church. But today I feel like I've been bowled over. My head hurts, my throat is a bit sore, when I look down, my nose runs like a faucet, and when I look up, my head aches more, and I'm coughing and sneezing like it's my job!

On my Sunday mornings home I notice the folk going to the church across the street. Having a church located in this vicinity is a constant reminder to me where I should be. Today is no exception - even though I don't feel well. I will really feel the nudging when the church bell rings. I love that they ring their bell on Sundays! Just love it. It transports me back to simpler times. (like Little House on the Prairie times!)

This morning as I was dawdling at the window I noticed Mr. Singleton and his wife walking across the bank parking lot (it becomes overflow parking for church on Sundays and any other time something is going on over there). Mr. Singleton looks like a cross between Santa Clause and Charlie Daniels. Mrs Singleton was moving slowly and deliberately. It looks as if she may have had an injury or something. She is holding Mr. S's hand. And . . . he too is walking slowly. . . with her. Slowly they move across the lot, across the street, all the time he is holding her hand, and he patiently pauses for each step as she makes her way up the steps to the church door.

His body language indicates nothing but patience. No shifting from foot to foot. No slouching of shoulders, no deliberate stop and go, stop and go. Just steady, even, hand holding steps.

You can just tell. He loves her.

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  1. Oh Crickett, what a beautiful thing to witness! By God's grace WE all should have a partner that love us like that. I hope you feel better soon...I may be the culprit that has spread this nasty cold or it may be just everywhere! Don't let it get to a Sinus Infection :( Love ya


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