Friday, October 22, 2010

I Can, But I Can't

I can stand beside you,
But I can't remove you from your spot.

I can wipe away your tears,
But I can't get rid of the cause of them.

I can listen to your complaints,
But I can't make them go away.

I can hold your broken heart,
But I can't remove the pain.

I can give you motherly advice,
But I can't make you take it.

I can show you a clearer path,
But I can't make you walk it.

I can always be ready for your need,
But I can't make you come to me.

I can only be what I know to be,
But I can't make you understand it.

I can only love without expectation,
But I can't make you reciprocate it.


  1. Barb, this speaks to my heart right now in so many ways. Thank you for sharing. I am going to print it and share it with my women's Bible Study too. Your poem beautifully expresses what we have been talking about. Love you!

  2. Crickett, what a beautiful, heartfelt poem. I only hope that whoever was on your heart when you wrote it will read it! You clearly wrote what many Mom's feel in words. Thank you. Love you so much :)

  3. LOVE this!! I'm not a Mom (yet) but I can tell that all Moms and Dads feel this. True love, nothing like a parents. Love you!


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