Saturday, October 30, 2010

Corn Maze

We made a plan earlier in the month to go to the corn maze in Linkwood last Friday night of this month. It was only a twenty minute or so drive, so it was a do-able thing at night with the girls. The "team' consisted of Ben, Bob, Paul, Rease, Helena, and myself.
Flashlights in hand - off we go! Spooooky ;)

I think I blinded Rease with the flash - tee hee !

The entrance to the maze.

A map for reference - which happens to be at the beginning of the maze and does us little good unless we have "Maize-O-Vision" glasses or happen upon a "Maize-O-Vision" station. Which is easier said than done!

This was our first clue station. Not a bad start. And . . . the bridge would come later - much later!

This particular maze was dark - very dark. No additional lighting from the building to cast any kind of shadows. The only help we had was our flashlights. It was hard navigating. The fellows and Helena took turns choosing the "right path". (I know my place in something like this - I am very, very directionally and navigationally challenged!) The unified word of the night was: "muuuddd"! It was a mess, and of course Paul wore flip flops. That'll learn 'im! Not to mention , with the wind chill, it was about 2 degrees out there. Well, not really, but it was cold! Helena and I shared my gloves (I'm thinking that I was pretty smart wearing gloves). I lost my camera - once.
After about an hour and no progress, Rease suggested that we follow the north star. Hey, I'm thinking, there's a novel idea! No takers, nope, not those men.

We spent an hour and a half in the lower left quadrant of the maze. An hour and a half. Ben decides that "cheating" was our only way out alive. We hadn't even made it to the first bridge or the center of the maze. Oh - the game sheet did have their phone number on it - just in case. In case of what? What was lurking out there that we weren't aware of? Could we have even gotten reception in that abyss? We didn't tell the girls - 'casue, you know, what if? What if we were transported to the - I can hardly say it - "Children of the Corn" nightmare? What if?

We were willing to break the rules and cut thru the corn! So, Ben confiscates my camera, enlarges the map, and off we go! Thank goodness for modern technology! I think we could have used the North Star, if we had to. Just sayin'.

We found two more clues, for a grand total of six out of eighteen, and two rubbings. We finally made it over one of the two bridges and passed the center tower. Yea for us!

We were cold, tired, and muddy. We were ready to abandon all other prospects of finding more clues and hit the muddy trail back to the van!

It was a good night. Well, except for the "Children of the Corn" episode!

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  1. Hahahaha. Priceless! They are always fun. Rease had a bright idea. You should have tried it. Love you!


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