Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Poetry

To all the young loves out there that have "loved and lost". It is not over. Your love is there - waiting. Maybe not today. Maybe not next month. And maybe not even this year. But it will be there.

Young Hearts

Young hearts are sweet and young and tender
Unscathed by the world's affairs.
Young hearts are sometimes given freely
To someone without much care.

Young hearts don't have time that's taught the old
To seek those things which are true
Young hearts may leap at Love's first light
And see skies of only blue.

Young hearts see only the good in that
Which it's chosen to call it's own.
Young hearts don't look down the winding road
And ponder what's not known.

Young hearts fall hard when they fall
The warnings they could not heed
Young hearts aren't familiar with the pain
That makes their young hearts bleed.

Young hearts may think that life is nil
When it comes to feeling such pain.
The young heart can't see their skies of blue
When all they hear is rain.

But young hearts grow with every change
Though they may not see it clearly
Young hearts will heal from pain endured
To learn to love more dearly.

Young hearts will learn life's lessons well
As their young hearts mend and grow
And when Young heart chooses the one to love,
That heart they'll get to know.


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  1. LOVE IT!! This is so true! Absolutely perfect.


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