Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bubbles . . . and . . . . Blessings!

I still love blowing bubbles! There's just something about trying to get the biggest bubble you can. But even when oodles and oodles of little ones exit the wand, there is an instant joy. An excitement. And I love watching the girls run after them, trying to catch them without breaking any, jumping up to try to catch the ones the wind has lifted to the heavens. It's sheer pleasure. Pure and simple. Now I hear they are coming out with bubbles that are colored! I have waited my whole life for this. I've tried all kinds of concoctions to get colored bubbles, but to no avail. Can't wait to try these new fangled, soapy bits of joy.

So, what do bubble have to do with blessings. Nothing really, but they compare well.

I've had several blessings come my way over these past two weeks. Some of them were small, like the tiny bubbles from the wand. I didn't even notice them until they had "popped". A smallish blessing is the ease at which Baby Girl lives. She is quite simply a happy little girl. Watching her learn new things - little things for us - is truly a blessing in and of itself. The simple task of learning to drink thru a straw, feed herself finger foods and walk along with you holding your hand is a big thing for her. And I marvel in it with her. Soon to join the ranks of "baby blessings" will be Baby A. My heart just bursts thinking of her, wondering what she will look like, will she be calm or feisty, have hair or not? But one thing I don't wonder about - she will have a good mommy and mom-mom to take care of her, this is for sure.

My other blessings, surprisingly were quite large, like those elusive large bubbles we long for when we pick up that magic "wand"! Ben was able to pick up a very important fall class that had initially been full since early registration. Had he not gotten this class, he would have to have waited another year to enroll and that would have put UMES off another year as well! Thank the Lord for friends that were looking out for him! ! A big bubble for sure.

I was able to get two twin beds, all the bedding, valences and a small dresser for the third floor bedroom. Practically brand new and all for a song! ! I have been looking for a long time for something like that for that room - but everything was way out of my price range . That was a big bubble!

Bob got a job. He's been "under foot" for six months now. He starts Monday. I am very excited for him. It is a good fit for his talents. That is a very big bubble!

My boy went to Church today - huge bubble!

And probably the largest of all those bubbles - actually this makes those big bubbles look small in comparison - my niece (by marriage) - Carries Ayers got baptized today. I think what made it so special is that she wasn't planning on it. As she put it: "It's what God had in store for her".!
Brought tears to my eyes when I read her FB post.

And the Angels sang!

Can we hear a Hallelujah and an Amen! ?


  1. Yeah to every one of your "bubbles"!!! So happy for you all.

  2. Hallelujah and Amen! Such wonderful bubbles :)


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