Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Poetry

"The Moms in My Life"

I love all the mom's in my life
And all the things they do.
They have a host of countless jobs
It's hard to fill their shoes.

They range from the very young
Whose "mama role" is brand new
To those that are very wise
Who've cried and laughed and grew.

I love that they see beyond
What the world has to say
When it comes to rearing those precious lives
From day to glorious day.

To say that they don't feel defeated
Would be a misleading fact
They just "hunker down" and suck it in
And get themselves back on track.

I know great rewards await them
And their work's not all for nil
I watch as the love they give
Comes from their own free will.

To be a mom like that
Is ever on my mind
I love these women dearly
No greater love you'll find.


Happy Mother's day to my daughters, my sisters, my neices, my cousins, my friends.

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