Thursday, May 5, 2011

So . . . .

. . . . I get Baby Girl up from her nap this morning, change her stinky butt and sit her in the living room with her toys so I can dispose of - you know what - and wash my hands. I hear her in there. I hear what appears to sound like her wagon of toys hitting the floor. I wash my hands and go in there, only to find this:

Yep, she found my body butter I had left sitting on the foot stool from the night before, somehow got the lid off and proceeded to slather herself with it! That'll learn me. I don't think - but I'm not 100% positive - she ate any! I'm just impressed she knew what to do with it! Ben laughed his contagious laugh and I snapped a memento! She does smell good, I give her that.

I'm just wondering . . . . is this is any indication as to how my world will turn? Hm?

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  1. yes mom it is...she ate one of my wall flowers.. now how did she know how to unscrew that?????.....


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