Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Mommy. . .

Dear Mommy,

I just want to let you know
It's going to be okay
As we start our journey new
When you bring me home today.

Please don't be afraid of me
I look to you for care
It's new to me as well you see
It can all be quite a scare.

Don't be stressed when I cry
Just hold me close to you
And softly sing a lullaby
To your baby, oh so new.

Feed me, change me, love me please
These things I need as well
Everything will be just fine
Just wait - time will tell.

I love you mommy,
A splendid team we'll be
You get to watch me learn and grow
And become steady on my feet!

So settle in, snuggle up
With your bundle warm and sweet
Our time alone, just you and me
Is something mighty sweet!



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