Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Go Ahead, Call me a Sissy. . . .

. . . I don't care. I just - well a couple hours ago - lived thru my very first, unannounced, terrifying to me, earthquake. And I am not ashamed to say I was borderline panic. Yep. Panicking over a 5.9 that centered out of Richmond, VA. That's the one. The one that rocked the shore - the shore that never gets earthquakes. Never. Can I say for the record that I don't care if we never get another one? Never. (I'm liking the word "never" right now.)

I was minding my own business, leaning against the kitchen counter, eating an egg sandwich, chatting with Paul and the girls when the events unfolded. What felt like at first was a shake akin to that of a very large truck idling very roughly in the driveway very close to the house
(I like the word very, too.), turned into something much stronger, shaking dishes in my cabinets, rumbling the house, causing my hanging plants to sway, and ultimately terrifying me and the girls. Paul confirmed, very calmly, what I suspected. We just witnessed an earthquake!

"Man the phones, heads up twitterers, get on FB all ye that are able!" was the call heard round the shore! Not really, but thanks to technology news arrived within seconds confirming what all had suspected. According to Kelly and Bob, they didn't feel a thing - they were both in cars on the road. Hmm. . . are they kindred spirits or do they have some kind of sixth sense? After checking in - back and forth with loved ones, the panic subsided, but the sweaty palms and pounding head, and nervous tummies hung around for a bit, as did some residual effects, such as the pool water. Rease nervously pointed out that the water was going up and down. I said yes - it's the filter. She said "No, mom-mom, it's going up and down. Look." I must say there is something a little unsettling about water contained in a pool that looks like it's moving up and down like a breathing machine. Unsettling. Okay - I stand corrected - Ben said the water was moving from side to side in the pool, not, and I repeat, not, going up and down. Bummer. It sounds more dramatic going up and down.

But we are good for now. All is seemingly well. We will be just fine. I think.

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