Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Foot Slips a Lot!

The verse on my side bar today grabbed me by the chin and said "This is for you, Barb."

I love it when God talks to me and I understand!

I slip a lot. An awful lot. I am no where as stable as a lot of folk around me. But, it's ok. God is used to me doing that - slipping. He knows I know Him. He knows I love Him.
And I know. . . . "When my foot slips, His Mercy hold me up!" Yep. It's my verse for today.

*Ben just came in and told me that whatever was in the pot on the stove is now gone. Hmm. .
I put water on for tea and sat down to do a quick post on my other blog, forgot the water, the pot boiled DRY and Ben is threatening to take me to the doctor. I don't think he means an M.D.
Does this count as a "slip"?

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