Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School HAS Started!

How do I know?

  • misplaced lunch boxes - resulting in the use of white paper sacks

  • pairs of sneakers with pairs of socks - at our beck and call - for now, anyway

  • hair to be washed and tamed - speaking of Goldilocks here

  • baby to be bathed and fed - this would be Baby Girl

  • snacks for mid morning to be rounded up and tucked into the book bag - that. . . .

  • . . . . was forgotten at my house last night, containing papers that needed to be signed and returned to school and bus driver

  • daydreaming and direction issues - take your pick here as to who these traits belong to

  • meltdown and mayhem because of forgotten book bag

  • complaints about having to sit in the same seat on the bus that they have sat in every year - poor things - life is tough

  • homework meltdown - this would be Reasy Peacy

  • early breakfasts and growling tummies at the end of the day because they haven't been able to graze all day long - don't stand in front of the door when they get home!

All this, and we are just beginning day two! Not, may I repeat, not, a good sign.

We have a 30 minute window - give or take - in the morning to get ourselves in gear and out the door to meet the bus - where they have been assigned life long seats.

We have an hour - give or take - to wind down our school day before mom or dad get here. This would include, but not be limited to: bathroom stop, removal of pairs of sneakers and socks that have sweltered their little feet all day, snacks, homework, and downtime - if there is time left! Thank you school board for extending their already long day. Thank you very much.

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