Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the meantime - could I just have a boy or two? Just askin'.

For the last two weeks of June and well in to July, I hosted a plethora of girls. And tho I love them to the ends of the earth and back again, they wear me out!

I do remember requesting a boy or two. Well, God is good, as always, and sent me two boys and a girl!

Meet the "replacements"!

Ben, Rease, and Helena are not replacements - they are constants, constant reminders that my job is never done! Tee-hee.

On the last day the "replacements" were here we went to Tyaskin Wharf to crab. They had already hit a few of the other "Eastern Shore" favs, such as: Delmar Pizza, Rita's, Emings, OC and the boardwalk and Thrasher's fries. All in the four short days they were here. So crabbing the old fashioned way (no trot line) seemed to be the most logical way to send them off!

The girls were getting lessons from both mom and dad on the finesse of crabbing.

Ben, Christian, Samantha and Ryan decided to wade/swim over to what looked like a "honey hole" to drop a line or two in hopes of finding the "mother load". All I could think about as they headed into the bushes was: "I hope they don't come back with chiggers!"

They dropped their lines at the "honey hole" and came back to the wharf to try their hands on more stable ground. The dock at the honey hole was like walking on a wobbly balance beam.

And. . . . . just how many guys does it take to snag a crab? Apparently, in this case, three!

Rease and Helena fell in love with Samantha. She became their new "BFF". She played with them, swam with them and collected sea shells from the sea shore with them.

"Meeting of the minds"?

We also discovered there was a "Crab Whisperer" amongst us! Who'd thunk it?

He could make them "sleep" with their cute, sharp, little claws all tucked in.

Our meager catch consisted of a dozen-ish crabs! But as you can see - they multiplied and fed the multitudes! Na - the boys bought some. Cheaters, I say!

And to top off the evening, the girls and their new BFF swam in the pool with glow sticks!

Did I say they just love Samantha?

Can't say for sure, but I think the Four Musketeers had bon fire after all the kiddlings and old folk were gone and put to bed ~ ~ ~ hmmm. . . .

But, all good things must come to an end. They had to pack up and head out bright and early the next morning. I must say, I really enjoyed having them.

As for Ryan - rumor had it that someone just wanted to bottle him up and keep him!

He's the southern boy every mama wants their daughter to marry! Just sayin'.

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