Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Mom-mom, get your gun!"

We have a plethora of starlings (black birds) in our yard. They are driving me nuts - squawking and pooping EVERYWHERE! Banging on the windows or yelling at them didn't seem to work, so yesterday I decided to take matters in my own hands. Ben has some kind of air gun that shoots plastic beads like b-b's. So. . . . "light bulb"! I'll shoot at the birds - even if I don't hit them, maybe the noise will scare them. I get the gun - and of course Helena wants to know what I'm doing - so I explain it all to her - assuring her that I won't kill the birds. I open the window, but I can't get the gun to work right. So I put it away and tell her that Pop-pop or Ben will have to show me how to use it. I forget about it - and later on - Helena is standing at the window behind me and she yells "Mom-mom, the birds are back - get your gun!" Now, what's a mom-mom to do? I had to laugh inside - then I become horrified. What if I was outside at the time and someone was walking by and she yelled that - hmmm.
So when you visit me in lock up, bring chocolate. I don't think I can have sharp instruments, but a letter from home would be nice - and paper and postage stamps so I can write you - LOL - LOL! ! ! !


  1. haha that is just too cute and funny!

  2. I wonder if you can scrapbook behind bars?? You might get more done there if you can.

  3. Barb,

    This is Christie's little sister Heidi. I am THRILLED to bits that you liked my blog, and I hope you will keep checking in on it (though I've become woefully and shamefully lax at updating the thing!) Yours is absolutely adorable, and if you don't mind, I'll add it to my list I'm following too. You know, I think we actually met one day when Christie was showing me around DiCarlo' that seems like yesterday to me! Take care, and happy bloggin'!


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