Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

I am in a superb mood today! It is raining outside - (yea, I know, I was just complaing about the rain), But, it has a calming effect today. Its a steady drizzle. A good day for reading, scrapping or posting on my blog and catching up on my blogging buddies!
I have to reflect on yesterday, which was a BEAUTIFUL day. The weather was great and I was in very good company, with two great friends. God truly does bless, even in the smallest ways. We went to OC for a stamping convention. Now, I'm not a stamper by "trade". But, I am learning to like it and can see the potential for using stamps in my scrapbooks. I'm not jumping ship - just embracing the inevitable - lol! ! Anyway - we made a day of it - shopping, laughing, eating, crying, shopping some more, laughing some more, and eating some more. Did I say it was a wonderful day? Sometimes my cup runneth over! !
To add to the wonderfulness of yesterday - Pastor's message was great this morning (Hebrews 13). One of the "points" he talked about was enjoying spiritual fellowship: hospitality, concern for others - this one really spoke to me. I think sometimes I have a hard time reaching out because I don't want to fall short of other people's expectations of me - I think that is pride. I am so glad I was able to step beyond that (which was scary) and pick two wonderful ladies to be my "Aaron & Hur". But what I have come to realize, and I think I've known this all along, is that I'm not the only one in that "bucket". So many people are hurting today - and just don't know where to turn. It hurts to think about it.
Anyhow - God is an Awesome God and He is forging us to His liking - AMEN? Amen!

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  1. Oh Barb, I am so thankful for your spiritual fellowship! What a good way to put it :) So glad you had a fun day! Stamping is pretty cool! My mom gave me all her old stamps, some of them she had before my sister was born, now they are vintage! I love 'em! Love and big hugs from me!!!


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